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Something doesn't add up. You don't pull the head to do a timing belt, MY SUSPICION is that the timing belt broke, then the head comes off as valves get real intimate with Pistons at that point. Even then there shouldn't be a need to surface the head, so it could also have been a HGF? Surfacing the head can present a whole new set of problems with the esprit if not done correctly, the valve timing can be altered by removing too much material, if this is the case then adjustable cam pulleys are required. Having said all of that the esprit can be a little noisy at the top end, does it diminish as it gets hot? It's also possible that they were set at the loose end of the range, which is preferred as no noise is an indicator of too tight a clearance and results in burnt valves. It's a very easy procedure to check the valve clearances, I would start there , sooner rather than later.
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