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Supporting Vendors
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Sector111 Status

Iím writing to inform you of Sector111's current status. I apologize in advance as we are no longer accepting any website or phone orders. Let me try to explain what has happened and what our future looks like.

About a dozen years ago Sector111 accepted an open ended investment from a small firm run by two friends of mine. Two years ago, this firm decided to shut down and requested payment. Though we have swung for the fences with new initiatives, these last few years, we were unable to satisfy their demands. The restructuring that we undertook last Oct was our attempt to keep things moving forward.

We have taken great efforts to protect clients/suppliers and employees during this time. We succeeded in making sure none of them have been financially hurt by this action. If you have given us money, you have gotten product or will get them directly from our suppliers. If you have any concerns, you are welcome to call me directly (951)551-0900.

Iím proud of the fact that Sector111 has been a leader in this community in regards to financial support to this forum/clubs/racing, engineered hundreds of product innovations, and delivered service. We have introduced many great brands to NorthAmerica: Nitron, ReVerie, Larini, ProAlloy, Arqray, Toybox48, Girodisc, BAC and many, many more. Our efforts have resulted in safer, faster and cooler cars that have created joy for thousands of clients around the world.

What is happening to Sector111 is a business transaction that must take its course. I donít ask for your sympathy but I will ask for your patience as we continue to work through this. I will keep my nose to the grindstone until we have settled everything.

I wanted to thank all of you who have been supporters of us and given us the chance to be a part of this community. For this I will be eternally grateful.

As far as Iím concerned, the fat lady has not yet sungÖ

Sector111 Tasty Bits for Your Lotus!
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You guys have been great over the course of time I have been dealing with you. I wish you the very best and hope you can pull it off and stay in business. Not many have provided the kind of service and technical advice you guys have. If I asked a question be it by email or other form I ALWAYS got a fast response. You guys have run the business like a business should be run. I wish you all the best!
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This is sad to hear, as you have been a staple in this community and have helped many of us. I wish you the best of outcomes! @shinoo

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I'm sorry to read of this. I appreciate all that you have made available for the community as well as myself.

It's starting to feel like we are in decline with regards to after market suppliers...


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Hey @shinoo I have been following your situation and I am sorry that it has come to this. I hope that you come out of it well but I realize as a business owner myself that these things take time. You and your company are #1 in excellent customer service in the Lotus community. Whatever happens that goodwill you have with the community will always help you with any future endeavors.

Best wishes!

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Wishing you guys well. It was always a pleasure dealing with sector 111, whether it was product purchases or tech advice. Easily one of the better companies I've dealt with in the car world.

I'm a little confused, so I'm going to ask out of selfishness. I know you're not taking any orders at the moment, but is that subject to change? I understand that most likely can't give up any details. I just hope I didn't miss the boat on the newly developed shifters that were on pre order. I was holding out on that until I did a couple other things.
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All the best Shinoo, you have made Lotus ownership more enjoyable for me and many others. Looking forward to seeing what is next.
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This is a sad day for lotus community.

Do it once. Do it right.
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Wish I knew about this earlier as there were a few things I wanted to buy.
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Best of luck, shinoo. I hope the end result for S111 is positive.
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Shinoo, I sincerely hope it all works out for you in the end. You have been nothing but supportive of the Lotus community, and we all should now be doing the same for you!
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Shinoo, sorry to hear about the speed bumps...hang in there. Sector 111 has made wonderful contributions to the Lotus community over the years. I hope that you persevere and overcome the issues that Sector 111 is facing.

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Best of luck to you Shinoo and your crew.
I hope you can get thru this and still offer great products for our small community in the years to come!

If I die, my biggest fear is that my wife sells all my toys for the price I told her I bought them for...
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You guys have been such a source not just for parts but information and real help making my Lotusy dreams become reality. Sure hope things shape up.

Anyone can make something complicated. It takes genius to make it simple. Einstein.
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I have a lot of Sector111 parts on my car and they have always been top notch quality. I remember browsing Sector111's parts list when I first got the car and knew I wanted almost everything I saw on their website.

Best of luck. Curious whether the investment was a loan and what the terms for repayment were and in what sense it was "open ended." Sounds like they wanted repayment of it all at once? After 12 years would a majority of that principal not have been paid down? Was this investment related specifically to the Drakan or the entire business?

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Best of luck with it Shinoo. The sports car world needs your products in it.
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I have been a long time customer of Sector 111, since the very early days. Shinoo was always available to talk regarding any of my questions and he always delivered the great products I bought from him. He was instrumental in bringing Lotus Cup to the East Coast (although short lived) and has always been a true enthusiast of the highest order.

Personally, I have a huge amount of faith in Shinoo and wish him nothing but the best. This community needs to provide all the support to Sector 111 it can.

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Sorry to hear, I'm another long time satisfied customer, Shinoo I wish you the best of luck.
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I'm just going to post this - as I found it difficult to "Like" your post @shinoo .. Why?

I'm new - brand spanking "new" to this Lotus thing - addiction, passion - call it what you will, I guess? You see - I come from another marque altogether. But for that - you and your organization was one of the first to welcome me into this community. You see - I was actually aware of your previous posts on your difficulties, but, I ordered something on-line a few weeks ago, and the strangest and most curious thing happened...

Minutes after placing my order - someone - a REAL PERSON - actually reached out to me? They wanted to know if I needed anything else, and if they could do anything else for me? They actually knew what I was talking about when I asked questions about the install - and were "right there", with a name and a call back number...

Then a few days later - my part arrived. And even stranger - there was a handwritten "Thank You" note with my name - and signed/initialed by several of your employees - simply welcoming me as a "new customer". I kept that note, as it's on my "ego wall" in my garage to remind me of how things should be done...

I think someone posted this is a great loss to the Lotus community above? That's exactly the way I feel with only one transaction from a "new customer" to you and your company. But for that?

If/when you get this square - please just know - I'll be waiting as a "repeat" customer - new to the Lotus world, but never felt to be so welcomed from a supplier.

Thanks for that...

John D.

'07 Exige S
& a few P'cars..
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good luck with everything.

as john d above posted, this business is needed in this community.

i had almost the same exact experience as he did and couldn't have put it better than he did.
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