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New Member Introductions

Introductions and FAQ's. READ THIS FORUM IF YOU ARE NEW!
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  • 5.4M

General Discussion (Lotus related)

Everything Lotus related that does not fit somewhere else.
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  • 42.3M

Official Recalls

Discussion of items OFFICIALLY recalled by Lotus.
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The Salvage Yard

Information and VINs of wrecked Lotus cars, NOT for buying and selling parts.
7.1K 2M
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  • 2M

New car information, Specs, Demos, Price.

Something Wicked This Way Comes....
16.6K 2.6M
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  • 2.6M

Lotus Elise

Discussion specific to the Elise.
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  • 20.3M

Lotus Exige

Discussion specific to the Exige
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  • 15M

Lotus Evora

Discussion of the latest Lotus
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  • 17.7M

Lotus Esprit

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  • 11.8M

Lotus Elan

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Other Lotus Models

Any model not otherwise listed - Europa, Eclat, Seven, Elite, Eleven, etc.
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Lotus "Track" and Racing Cars

340R, 2-Eleven, GT3, etc.
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Lotus Inspired Cars or Cars with Lotus DNA

Includes Westfields, Caterhams, Toniqs.
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Electric Avenue - Tesla, ZAP, Dodge EV1, Lotus EVs

Anything having to do with vehicles built by Lotus and powered by electricity
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Lotus in the Media

Lotus articles, stories, programs, spottings, etc. in magazines, newspapers, television, movies, online....
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Front Page News

From the front page of Lotus Talk.
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Maintenance and Repairs.

Common problems and fixes
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  • 8.8M

A/C, Heating and Ventilation

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Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)

The place to discuss alignments, struts, tires, rims and more
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  • 12M


Paint, Film, Windows, Graphics, Seats, Kits, and more...
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Meets and events

Notices and discussions about when we get together.
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Long trips in your Lotus & Your Favorite Roads
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Member Forum

Only visible to registered users.
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Member Gallery

Pics and info from Lotus owners
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Garage Majal

All about garages, including flooring and lifts.
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  • 2.5M

Transporters, Trailers, Towing & Tie-downs

...also hitches, ramps, tow vehicles, winches, etc.
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Lotus Cup USA

2.6K 495K
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  • 495K
  • 2.6K
  • 558K
Motorsports Autocross, Track, HPDE and more


All about seats, harnesses, HANS, roll bars/cages, fire suppression and more.
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  • 784K

Track and Technique

Road racing and practice events, driving performance techniques
33.7K 4.4M
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  • 4.4M

Solo timed events

Autocross discussions including SCCA & ProSolo
17.6K 2.2M
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  • 2.2M

The Racing Den

Discuss Formula 1, World Challenge, Rally, etc. Please do not post race result spoilers in title.
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  • 1.3M
Classifieds Section

Parts Market

Lotus-related parts for sale or wanted by private individuals. Lotus parts please. Not tarps.
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Aftermarket Suppliers

You must be a supporting member (sponsor) to create a thread in this sub-forum.
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Lotus Cars For Sale

No discussion, no replies. and its staff are not responsible for any sales made here on this forum. Use your own judgement on the transaction to avoid a dispute. Dealers must be forum sponsors. Only sellers may start a thread.
68.5K 20.7M
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  • 20.7M

Lotus Cars Wanted

Looking for a Lotus? Post here! and its staff are not responsible for any sales made here on this forum. Use your own judgement on the transaction to avoid a dispute.
10.4K 2.1M
  • 10.4K
  • 2.1M

Cars for sale (not Lotus)

If it is not a Lotus... it goes here. Vehicles only! Notices only. No discussion, no replies. and it's staff are not responsible for any sales made here on this forum. Use your own judgement on the transaction to avoid a dispute.
11.4K 6.5M
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  • 6.5M

Dealers/Aftermarket Suppliers Feedback

Discuss your experience with Lotus dealers, other car dealers and Aftermarket Suppliers.
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  • 1.6M

Misc For Sale

Non-Lotus parts, cellphones, home electronics, clothing, shoes, watches, video games, and any other miscellaneous items you can think of. and its staff are not responsible for any sales made here on this forum. Use your own judgement on the transaction to avoid a dispute. Firearms/Weapons are not allowed for sale on the forum.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

247 65.7K
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  • 65.7K

Sponsor Review Forum

23 7.6K
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  • 7.6K

Blackwatch Racing

263 108K
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  • 108K

BOE Fabrication

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  • 162K

184 162K
  • 184
  • 162K


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  • 75.3K

Gator Motorsport

29 30.2K
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  • 30.2K


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Lotus of Upland/CNC Motors

8 763
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  • 763

Manhattan Motorcars

4 427
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  • 427
Community Help section

Community Help

Questions, FAQs, Suggestions about this forum
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Off Topic Section


Anything else that does not fit somewhere else.
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Other Cars and Comparisons

Discussion about non-Lotus vehicles or other cars vs Lotus cars
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