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A group of people had a walk through at rossion a few months back and they said they were in the process of building a few in house. Which i would assume be pretty cool to see.

Ive never been inside or met anybody there.

Maybe you should call them to see if it would be worth your while.

Originally Posted by LotusFamily View Post
Why are you going to 1G ("Silverstone Autosports" now)? Do you need service? Aside from that there isn't much there to see (especially with the switch over to the Rossion Q1, which hasn't arrived stateside yet). Here is the list of what will be on the floor when you arrive......

Used Cars at Silverstone Autosports in Hamilton, OH - Inventory

The guys there are great but thats a pretty long haul just to say hello. Just thought you might wanna know before you drive all that way.

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