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Originally Posted by logan2z View Post
I'm curious about this lack of 'wiggle room'. I see quite a few new '07s still on dealer lots. I even see a dealer with a new '06 Exige on the lot. The '09s are around the corner. At what point do these dealers just have to cut their losses and price these two or three year old cars well enough in order to get them sold - even if they have to take a loss? Especially considering the current economic climate
I was referring to the 2008 Elise SC that we have in stock and compared it to the one in Texas that had less equipment. The purpose was to let Marcin know if it was a good deal.

"At what point do these dealers just have to cut their losses and price..." That depends on if the dealers have the money to own them instead of flooring them. Dealers can sometime hold them a long time if they own them.

Remember, car deals are each different depending on if there is a trade in, cash, finance, money from Lotus, etc. I will sell our 2007 Elise at a loss to make a deal if there other circumstances that allow me to go to my boss and explain to him that the total deal is reasonable at this time.

The comments on the invoice price is very interesting. 10% lower from MSRP is close.

Hope this helps.
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