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Originally Posted by MightyMike View Post
Texas? go to 3:28 of the video clip...

YouTube - Full Metal Jacket: Boot Camp

ha.. yea i know that whole scene by heart

good insite guys.. as some of you may know, i'm also part of srtforums. asking same ?s around there.. some diff answers from diff people.. i'm a drag racer now but road course guy at heart.. just not into it yet out here.. soon will be though.. yes, texas is pretty big.. i'm not big into politics so it doesn't run any part of my life.. use to go fishing a lot when my pops was alive, he passed back in 2000.. haven't been since..

i wouldn't mind the suburbs much.. city life i'm use to, could do with out all the noise.. i'll be making enough of that my self.. want a nice house, 2 flrs, didn't see much of that yet, nice big garage or no zoning laws on building my own..

so keep the info coming.. its gonna be a hard decision since it's life changing..

steel grey 04' neon srt4 low boost 360hp 400ft lbs.... here for the love of the Elise, Exige and gaining the knowledge before I can get my own...

my car.. https://www.lotustalk.com/forums/f152...ny-pics-62883/

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