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Originally Posted by Brent Bauman View Post
Dan can you post a pic or link to these faa connectors and crimper. I want to see if is what I use. Thanks
I can post a photo, but I need to go to the airport where I keep my crimper and connectors as I don't keep those things at home. The crimper is a design that clicks like a ratchet as you squeeze the handles and will not release until you completely compress the jaws at a predetermined force at which point the mechanism will allow the handles to move apart again. This ensures every crimp is uniform in force and shape. The butt connectors look very similar to the generic ones sold in auto part stores, except they usually have a clear, colorless or pink plastic covering that is shaped to allow more support when crimped around the wire and its insulation. I believe they are clear to allow you to inspect the crimp and make sure the wire is fully inserted. I haven't been out flying for a couple of months now due to the incredibly lousy weather here, but the next time I go to to the airport, I will take a photo and post it here.
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