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New rear toe link brace for the Elise/Exige

New rear toe link brace for the S2 Toyota Elise & Exige.
Developed in Australia
The SSC rear suspension toe link brace kit has been developed to increase stability and minimise rear toe movement and the possibility of ball joint failure under extreme conditions.
It achieves this by applying firm control over the rear suspension movement which increases stability in transition from heavy braking to corner entry.
We have developed this brace on our Exige race cars and are now offering kits for road / track cars.
Our brace differs from other solutions in that we replace the outer fitting at the hub and all movement is via 4 Rose ( Heim ) chrome moly rod ends.
We use aluminium link arms which will bend before the end fixings shear in the event of a side impact, to protect the chassis and to reduce the weight of the factory link rods.
Materials: -
Taper hub fixings, chassis adapters and brace ends are all turned from HT steel.
Brace is seamless steel tube.
Link arms are turned and knurled corrosion resistant aluminium with left and right hand threads.
Rose joints are chrome moly steel - the best (US) QA1.
All steel items other than the Rose joints are zinc plated.
The kit is easy to fit and is completely reversible, but you will need to have the wheel toe professionally reset.
Weight: -
SSC Complete kit - Tube Brace, alum link arms, rose joints, hub & chassis turnings, chassis bolts/nuts/washers = 2.3 kg
Factory steel link arms pair + hub & chassis fixings, nuts = 2.4 kg
SSC kit ‘unsprung’ items: Alum link arms, 4 lock nuts, 4 rose joints, pair taper hub uprights with 2 washers and 4 nylocs = 1.4 kg

We currently have 3 kits in stock for Toyota engine cars - 111R Elise, Federal (US) Elise, Elise S, S2 Exige, Exige S. We have 2 kits in stock for S1 and 2 kits for S2 Rover cars.
We can only sell as a complete kit. The cost of the kit is Aust$ 895
Insured international air freight to anywhere would be Aust$92 (7-10 days)
Payment via bank transfer. Currency conversion rate at time of transaction.

Happy to answer any questions – preferably by posting questions here.
Some background to SSC here: -
Simply Sports Car - Lotus - Home
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