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New type of rear toe link brace

I have had a few PM's re the brace and will summarise questions here:-

Will not foul stock or Quicksilver exhaust manifold but one of US aftermarket exhaust systems will. The Brace is 28mm OD and sits on a 32mm chassis adapter / rod end holder (the rod end goes over the end of the adapter) - so the brace extends 60mm max out from the chassis face.

Fitting is easy and all bits are supplied. The thin alum heat shield material around where the chassis adapters (30mm dia) go needs a slight trimming. You probably of course realise that there are ways of setting the arms to close to correct but rear wheel toe should be professionally set. Fitting is also a good time to consider your ideal toe setting and camber.

We have S2 Rover kits in stock - shorter brace and different hub fitting system. If you are S2 Rover then let me know and will send you a pic of the hub fixing. Otherwise kit is the same components.

I had a different type of aftermarket brace, that retained the factory outboard ball joints on my 111R, but when I changed to this one I noticed elimination of squirming in rear end when coming off heavy braking and turning into corner on track days. When I originally replaced the factory system after 15000 k including 2 track days on R spec tyres I noticed that the factory outboard hub fixing bolts were slightly bent so when the SSC brace was developed, I changed to it immediately. The SSC taper turned hub fixings are en-25 ht steel and threads are 12mm x 1.5 pitch.

This was designed by Lee Knappett and refined over 2 years on 2 race cars - one of which has just been through the torture of the Bathurst 12 hr race with 3 drivers, stayed together and won its class.

Lee has tried numerous rod ends over time and these QA1 (US) chrome moly with internal Teflon coating are simply the best.

All steel turnings are high tensile and zinc plated.

Yes the pair of alum arms with rod ends, washers, nuts are lighter than the pair of factory arms with ball joints by 1kg (2.2lb).

In fact the whole kit with brace tube and chassis adapters is lighter than the factory arms.

Let me know if you would like any further info.
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