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Originally Posted by DWebb View Post
Am I missing something why would you rather drive a tow vehicle than an Elise?
Does it come with multiple sets of tires?
Fly over there and drive your new baby home!

Spend all that money in transport when you could get 26 mpg having a really great time. Man I wouldn't miss an 11hr road trip in my Elise for the world.

I look for and even invent/create excuses to take my car places, any place.
The farther away the better.

From what I've read so far either you are buying the wrong car, or you are insane, which = buying the wrong car.
Well, I am an insane kind of person but that's why I think the Elise fits my personality pretty well

I'm actually considering flying up and driving it back but I was being a little anal thinking I might not want to put all those miles on it driving back since it's just a long straight interstate. Now if I took twisty back roads the whole way back that would be a different story. But that would take FOREVER considering it's an 11 hour drive on the interstate.

I really just want to know how many people use the Uhaul car trailer and if it's difficult to get the car on there and how they go about doing it.
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