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I think I looked at this Esprit before buying mine. What sticks out, if this is the same car is that the (PO Mr. Von something ) when I did a google search
on him - someone had a website dedicated to him as the second coming of Satan. Very funny!!!

Second, ITS A SUPERCAR!!!! Of course it will be a little expensive to maintain!
If you cant fix it and fix it right or maintain it at all -- DO NOT BUY ONE!!
( had my belts,idle and tensioners done at Lotus of ATL 2300K) so 3K is high
but whats high if you cant do it yourself ( CRAZY DIY ) and its your only option vs complete engine faliure!!

I have seen many posts that as soon a someone takes delivery of an Esprit, the first question is where can I get cut rate labor or parts -- This will only lead to DPO!!

I have wanted an Esprit since 1990, took me this long to get one B/C I am finally able to do it right and keep it running

Please, please enjoy your esprit, treat it right and maintain it correctly

I just finished taking mine on a 1000 mile trek and other than the right tailpipe weld breaking at the cat where it was modified by the PO to straight pipes it was flawless and FUN FUN FUN.

final note as stated by Alan, I have a V12 BMW that puts the Esprit to shame in the upkeep arena!!

sorry for the rant, but I am very passionate about the Esprit. Always loved it, always will and God willing the Evora sells like hotcakes and Lotus will indeed make a new Esprit.

Good Day
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