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Originally Posted by TheViper View Post
Great report, thanks Rob, much better to locate it where it's at least accessible for when it next goes. If I had to do it I would dispense with the resistors and just directly wire, as I only use #3 position.

no prob... The actual reason that the resistors are there at all is because the blower itself is used to cool the resistors. When you remove the resistor pack there is an opening leftover wher ethe air would cool the casing. That needs to be covered when you move the resistors but i lost the pic that i took. (it was just a piece of ABS plastic cut to size and siliconed in place.)

The resistors are really not necessary: i had it wired just as you mentioned for a couple of months until i got around to putting in the resistors. Honestly the middle setting is totally redundant IMO... you could use just one resistor at about 0.5 ohms for both the 1 and 2 settings and that would give you a slow position aside from the fast one.
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