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Here is the parts pricing I am receiving with about $700 in labor. I have no problem with the labor costs. The first column is list, the second is my price the third is the extended price (if more than one of an item). So, Simba, which items am I grossly overpaying for?

Part Number Description QTY List My Each Total
5910 LOCITITE FLANGE SEAL 1 59.77 55.59 55.59
A918E0023F GASKET-PLENUM TO MA 2 39.38 27.25 54.50
A918E0094F WATERPUMP TO FRONT 1 17.00 11.36 11.36
A918E0102F WASHER CAMSHAFT PU 1 59.94 35.48 35.48
A918E0122F SEAL-SPARK PLUG HOL 8 13.99 8.94 71.52
A918E0124F SEAL 12 9.72 6.21 74.52
A918E0219F IDLER PULLEY 2 236.95 173.15 346.30
A918E0342F SEAL SPARK PLUG COV 1 47.04 28.55 28.55
A918E6019Z O-RING 1 9.35 5.58 5.58
A918E6021F O-RING COOLING 1 9.35 5.58 5.58
A918F0123F GASKET CAM COVER 2 131.96 88.35 176.70
A918W5225F BOLT 1 52.21 36.13 36.13
B918E0295J IDLER SPROKET/FLANG 1 627.99 458.92 458.92
C918E0297J TENSIONER 2 248.74 181.77 363.54
C918E0298F TIMING BELT 2 253.91 185.55 371.10
DEX COOL Dex Cool Antifreeze 2 10.77 10.77 21.54

Parts = $2116.91

Labor is described as such: $700
Replace Timing Belt & Water pump
Disassembled front of engine,checked all oil seals for leakage,
replaced water pump,timing belt,drive belt.Reassembled refilled
cooling system & bleed.Road tested ok.

This is another quote (now from a non dealer - about the same price)

Originally Posted by Simba View Post
No, they are not, unless the car has been neglected or otherwise beat on.

You'll be waiting a good long while, unless beating the crap out of it on a routine basis. The gearbox isn't the strongest thing in the world, but it's also not made by Subaru out of tin foil.

Regarding the cam belt service-- $3k is a bit out there. The cam belts cost $300 for a set, the tensioners another $300 or so, and the idlers are around $260. $1800 for ~$900 worth of parts is ridiculous, some of which you may not even need. So is $136 an hour for labor. Find a good independent Lotus mechanic and have them take care of it for you-- shouldn't be more than $1,500-$1,600 or so.

The Esprit has some fairly specific things that need to happen for a cambelt change, but none if it is anything terribly complex. The "special cam tools" are metal dowel pins, you can buy them or make them. The belt tension tool is something that any exotic service shop should have.

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