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On the contrary... One very fun, but very expensive vehicle that I maintaned myself was a Mercedes 6.9. Fast, but every time something ordinary broke, it was a fortune for parts, and those parts were purpose built for a very expensive car, and priced accordingly. Loved the big Benz, but it ate me out of house and home with maintenance costs.

With the Esprit, a substantial portion of the parts are off the shelf GM or Toyota. If you know where to look, the parts can be surprisingly cheap, especially if you're living in the US. The Esprit isn't unique in this respect, but it is unique in second sourcing parts that are widely available in the US from mass producers. Much of the high cost of the Esprit is it's limited production and handbuit nature, not the parts. 600 man hours was the figure I heard, over ten times that of a mass produced car, and labor isn't cheap. Even turnip farmers have to make a living.

True, if your idea of service is dropping the car at the dealer, any exotic will be expensive to maintain. If you know something about mechanics, but don't feel confident enough or have the time to tackle a cam belt change, you can still maintain an Esprit for less than most exotics, by knowing where to find the parts, and finding a mechanic who won't damage it or feed you a line. Or just knowing how to get online and do a bit of digging.

Any exotic, including the Esprit, is not a good daily driver, for a variety of reasons, including service and being down for parts. But, for someone who wants to live out a dream on a budget, and doesn't mind putting some of their own time into it, the Esprit is one of the most affordable exotics.

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These Esprit threads make me laugh, mainly because everyone who says they are inexpensive to maintain does the work themselves.

Now I do consider myself mechanically inclined, and work on my cars quite often. I also work from home. Some people are not as capable working on vehicles, or they just plain do not have the time to do so. For anyone to assume everyone can work on their own cars and thus factor it into maintinence costs is misleading.

So for those people who dont have the time or capability, the Esprit is expensive to maintain; as expensive as its almost 100k when new buy-in would suggest. Dont discount this fact. Seriously, what car is "expensive" to maintain if you can do all the work yourself?

Carry on with the debate folks, I will still be chuckling to myself though...
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