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I have fought many battles with my A/C with Vipers advise guiding me along the way, I just completed the insulation of the front end of my 05 elise as the latest skirmish along the way to victory. I can say that this has made a large improvement, before I was getting noticeable hot air from the vents after the engine warmed up which the A/C had to overcome, now this is almost eliminated and I get a steady stream of 48 degree air out the vents when the car is up to temp, after the footwell mod and covering the front intakes this is the best the car has done yet. I might go ahead and insulate the footwell and the sills but not yet, at least it is liveable now.

Many thanks to Viper for his great tech tips on this.

So. Georgia USA where it is hot as hell most of the time.
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