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I also asked when it was time to order the second Elise. I wanted a pearl yellow...like the lambo three stage yellow. I'm not too hot about Saffron Yellow, though Stan's pics of his car are outstanding. So I just ended up getting Chrome Orange.

Originally posted by lbonham
Hi shay2nak,
Got the call to order a week and a half ago (see this thread ).
I would do as you suggest in a second, if given the chance! Highlights of my interaction during ordering process, was I could NOT special order Monaco White and I could NOT order Olde English White (though it is available for non-US consumption). Bottom line is they are really busy at the moment (something about a 1+ year US backlog to fill) and this is a low priority for them at this time. Therefore I asked to be dropped backwards into the next ordering group at my dealer, while I ponder alternatives/nextSteps.

Hi girlracer,
The LotusUSA folks are pretty adamant about NOT offering Olde English White in the US market. They do not think it will sell well here. However, they were kind enough to furnish me with a paint chip, such that I could develop my own opinion. And now having seen it (though not on the elise in person), I think their guess about the US market for OEW is probably correct, except for English expatriates and long time Lotus enthusiasts
I think your comments in the thread referenced above were dead-on wrt/ color taste.

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