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Talking Exclusive HKS Lotus Elise/Exige Exhaust System

Exclusive HKS Lotus Elise/Exige Exhaust System

HKS designed this exhaust with a few criteria in mind, killer looks with the rear fascia in place, improved exhaust tone with minimal highway drone and respectable horsepower gains within that criteria. Through the use of a properly sized tuning tube they were able to increase the volume of the exhaust without increasing the tendency to have drone while at highway speed. A brief explanation of this portion of the exhaust is to cancel out unwanted tones in specific frequency ranges. Think of it as mechanical noise cancellation. Even with this additional technology being applied to the exhaust system it is still 47% lighter than stock.

Noise Cancellation Chamber

Rear Picture Uninstalled

Rear Tips

Ultimately, this exhaust works! We had an independent test with a customer of ours who has a VF Stage 1 kit he gained 7 hp by just bolting the exhaust on the car, while retaining the factor catalytic converter. Impressive!

Dyno Plot

Exhaust Installed

MSRP: $1595 Special Pricing $875 Shipped

To place an order call 240-243-0193 or email [email protected]


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