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Originally Posted by Noizemaker View Post
I have one of these, EVERYONE I know digs the sound of it. The piping does neck down from 2.5". Worried me at first, hasn't seemed to hurt me though. I'll upload a sound clip from a recent trackday, i already have a video on youtube. My tips are sliiightly different, but other than that, everything looks identical down to the HKS badge. I've been happy with it, i know it's tough to choose w/o soundclips though.

YouTube - Garage: Laverty Project Elise- Exhaust!

YouTube - PGP Trackday 9/24/09: Part 2- The Sloppy
Cool Vids.

Also Dyno plot link fixed. At the time the exhaust was initially developed the NA car was the only thing they had. With that said, not a bad horsepower gain.
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