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I know Mike and he's a honest guy who knows what he is doing. I know the Lotus of New England. I bought 1999 Esprit from them. I had a great experience with the Esprit.

I now own a 2006 Exige. I needed to get a part from them for my door. I small plastic part that holds the rod the connects the door handle to the door latch. It was the most painful experience I've ever had at a car dealer. They would look for the part and not be able to find it. They wanted me to take a picture of it. Don't they work on these every day. When all this was going on, the car was under warranty. I kept asking if I could just get the part because it was had for me to be able to leave the car there. Finally about a month ago I spoke to the owner. He was an ignorant snob. As someone who has purchased a vehicle in the past from them I was totally surprised. It was if they didn't get the repair money they wanted nothing to do with me. I'm guessing by the appearance of the outside of the building they're are in trouble. I'm not stating this as fact but anyone who sells $250K Aston Martins from a building that looks like theirs does must be in deep ****.

Go to Mike. He'll charge you a fair price and do a good job.

Enjoy your Esprit.
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