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An exotic car such as a Lotus can be expensive. A lot has to do with how it was taken care of previously and if it was by a Lotus experienced tech. All too often if the car was not propelry maintained or the tech was not qualified, much of what you will be spending your money on is undoing the previous work and doing it right. There is also history. If the car was "beat" on then things will wear out and need to be replaced earlier rather than later. The clutch and transmission are the big (read expensive) areas that cannot be properly inspected without disassembling them. The clutch all by itself in parts is over $2K! If the brake fluid was not replaced regularly you will have problems with the brakes. Ditto for the clutch cylinders. Timing belts on the V-8 Lotus are very specific as to how it's done and the special tools required. You do NOT want to cheap out on them. The savings by having the wrong (cheap) person do it aren't worth the consequences. That's why the service history is so important. If a "C" service is due the price you paid for the car should have reflected that. A "C" service is more than just a couple of belts. A full "C" service can cost between $3-4K depending on what has to be done and the condition of the car. I have two '99's and they both needed TLC to get everything sorted out. It can get very expensive if you cannot do any work yourself. IMHO a large part of the enjoyment of this car hobby is the satisfaction of being able to take care of the car besides being able to drive it!!!!!!!!
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