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Originally Posted by J. Salmon View Post
I have searched and searched. I am installing my Larini SE and sport cat. I am trying to remove the rear panel to install the '06 bumper-less panel and Euro panels. I have seen posts talking about 3 bolts in the trunk. I have 6 bolts in the trunk, and they pass through some silicon that seems to have glued tthem in place. The nut are off, but it doe help.

How do you remove the rear panel on an '07???


You have the nuts off, so you are almost there. You will see that there is an aluminum plate with silicon underneath that it used to reinforce your entire rear panel assembly. Just slowly pry this part away from the bottom of the trunk by starting on one side and loosening it slightly and working your way to the end, then start over until it comes off without bending it, the silicone will stick to this piece, not the trunk. Your entire rear panel will actually just slide down out of the six holes once you have removed the six bolts (and hopefully all the allen head bolts that attach it to the diffuser and the two allen head bolts and nuts at the outer ends that attach it to the two clam attachment points.

I pried my plate out of the trunk because it was difficult to pull the bumper piece down out of it (due to the silicone on the threads of the bolt studs that are located on the rear panel). You might not need to pry it off now that I look at it, you might just be able to pull the bumper down. Maybe using a rubber mallet and hitting the tops of the studs might loosen it so that you can leave the aluminum trunk plate in place.

Once you have it off, then the old '06 panel will attach to the inside of the trunk with 3 holes that are much closer towards the rear of the car. You should already have them there and predrilled, that is how mine was, even though they are not being used with the new bumper panels. Attaching the old panel is a little trickier since you now have to take a 10 mm hex head bolt (I think) and washer and thread that from inside the trunk, down into the new rear panel. This can be a bit tricky and you may want to enlist the help of a friend to hold the panel and line things ups while lying on his back and looking up at the bottom of the 3 holes and lining up the holes of the old rear panel. You also need those threaded clips on the panel that you are installing; not sure what they are called - threaded nut clips that slide over the three upper holes of the panel. You will also use these on the bottoms of the panel to tie it into the diffuser; you can take the ones off of your '07 bumper panel.

Here are some pics off the parts I am talking about and what they look like once you have them out of the car:
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