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Poll: Does your Recirculation Button Light Up? Possible cures

My recirculation switch hasnt been lighting up and I saw that others have had the same problem. I ordered a new one, since people have mentioned that they replaced theirs and it solved the problem. but it still did not light up for me.

However, I then took the recirculation button and plugged it into the A/C plug and it lit up. The A/C button which previously worked and lighted up, did not work when I plugged it into the recirculation plug.

So the problem is not with the light in the switch, it is that it is not getting any power from the plug that it goes into.

I checked fuse 15 and it was ok.

So where does the plug get its power from? I heard that it might be from the switch pack, but I dont really want to take the top of the dash off to replace it. Are their any other possible causes now that I know that it isnt in the switch itself?

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