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Originally Posted by TimMullen View Post
I beg to differ. A good solid crimped connector is stronger and provides an equal electrical connection to a soldered, with the advantage of being more flexible. There is a reason that car manufacturers crimp all the connectors.

I've also worked on electrical wiring harnesses of equipment being installed in Navy ships (college job), and had to be "mil spec certified" in soldering. All the connections were crimped with a very few exceptions, for those, we had to have very stringent strain relief (loop at the end, and the wire mechanically secured with a clamp).

Now, that is all based on a good crimp connector, and the typical crimper used by home mechanics doesn't do a very good job (the kind that squeezes both sides in so that the crimp takes on an "oval" shape). A good crimper "dents" the crimp into the wire.

If you are worried about corrosion, then you can pack the connector with dielectric grease after crimping and assembling the connector.
I have to agree with Tim on all of the above points. In my experience with airplanes, you will never find a soldered wire unless it is properly supported for vibration and all crimped connections are made with a go/no go crimping tool that folds and dents the crimp perfectly each time. These crimping tools will make a consistant shaped crimp using the same amount of pressure each time to ensure the proper amount of "crush" for each crimp. A soldered connection, while useful for circuit boards in electronics, should not be used on wires in a motor vehicle due to vibration induced failures.
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