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A/C compressor problem

I got done replacing the wiring going to the blower motor and made the old harness into a high (position 3) speed only connection for now. I'm going to make a little box for the new resistor pack and mount it up high for easy changing later if need be. I had the A/C evac'd before I did the work and now that I'm done I had it refilled. The fan works fine and you can hear and feel the motor change when I hit the A/C button but it doesn't get cold and the compressor doesn't kick in. Looking in from the right rear past the A/C line connects I can see what I believe is the compressor and can see that it does not engage at all. The A/C tech never saw a difference in the line pressure when we tried it at the shop either. So I went through and played with all the wire connections, 1 for the temp sensor thing inside the blower box area, two to some sensor near the drier in the front A/C lines, checked all the fuses, and the A/C button lights up. We put in 1.2 lbs or whatever the manual said.

Any ideas what else to check? I haven't put all the grills etc back on in case I have to pull the front clam again which I really want to avoid. So I have some what easy access to that area.

I've read about a tertiary switch that monitors the line pressure. I think that may be it. I lights on the buttons so I don't think it's the relay pack thing in the dash. Any way to test the tertiary thing is good or not? Should I have the shop redo the evac/refill or can they measure actual pressure? Maybe change the pressure?

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