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The Trinary switch is controlled also by the ECU, so that ads another element.
Originally Posted by BrokenR1 View Post
Checked all the fuses multiple times already, then checked again anyways. It works when I jump that fuse spot with power from the driving lights fuse at C5. Tried jumping the connectors to the temp sensor as well as the trinary thing with no luck. could tell on a couple of them that the idle changed but the compressor never turned on. I had looked at the link you posted which gave me the idea of trying the jumping C4 part. On his the buttons would not light up so I think ours are different. I'm still leaning towards it being that trinary sensor since I just had the system evac'd and refilled. I think I'll try going back to the A/C shop tomorrow and having them put in 1lb to see if it works then if they can bumping it up .1 at a time to see if there's a difference.
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