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Originally Posted by Chaotic_Cannon View Post

I recently test drove an Elise and have the feeling that I am going to get one in the next little while.

The one I test drove however is a 2008 Elise SC. It has the Starshield, touring pack (leather seats and ipod hookup) and hard top. It is a demo model that has about 6000 miles on it. The car is new BUT used in car shows and test drives - so it has been opened up a few times on the test drives. No damage to exterior of car, tires are about 85 tread left.

I feel the asking price is too high but wanted a second opinion from experienced people. Here are my questions?

1) What would be a fair asking price for a 08 version of this car?

Based on answer above then these questions:

2) Am I better off buying a standard Elise with touring pack but no SC and then adding an aftermarket SC (like from Blackwatch)? Is there any significant differences from a stock SC or the aftermarket one?

3) I like the demo model Elise since it is the color I want and INTERIOR color (seems very few Elise out there have the interior I am looking for) but if the thing is overpriced from a fair price then my color options are limited. The other color choice is Storm Titanium Gray. If I get the gray exterior clolr I want to set myself apart from a stock color by detailing it with strips maybe... what color or exterior flare can I go with to make it look good?

If it's a Lotus Cars USA vehicle, then it's referred as a press car which has been mored than opened up a bit by the press/media/executives/clients etc. but Lotus do have the vehicles inspected and service after each session.

Regarding price, what price did they quote you? A car like that had an MSRP of just under $60K including destination however, I've seen dealers advertising pre-owned for roughly around $46K.

Sure you can buy a N/A Elise and upgrade power but if you go aftermarket, you'll void certain parts of your warranty however, you can also get the factory SC install at your dealer and still keep warranty
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