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What speed does it run at between 0 and 1 ?
I have not heard of a switch going bad, but you can check it by applying 12V power to each of 3 outgoing wires. If the fan does not work in all three positions, yes you have a resistor pack issue.
Originally Posted by Jean-Paul View Post
higuys i have a problem with my heater, but i do not know exactly what it is and i do not want to visit the workshop since they are not carefull with the cars.

so this is what happened. i went for a ride yesterday and turned on the heater in 1 posistion but it did not work. the same happened on 2 position. on the 3rd though it worked fine. what is the problem ? also in between 0and 1 position if i keep it with my hand in between it works. that happens only between 0-1 position. and in 3 it works fine. what seems to be the problem and how can i repair it myself ? so i need to remove the clam again?(please say no...)
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