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Originally Posted by ageshelin View Post
TIG MIG or SHTIG you CANNOT weld steel to aluminum. Therefore, all SCCA legal cages for Elise/Exige that do not required destructive testing, as per regulations, have to be bolted in. How you do the bolting-in is a very interesting question. If the cage is designed properly, it would significantly increase the stiffness of the chassis.

The question about testing is mute. SCCA mandates a certain steel design. They know it works, the tube diameter and thickness is all spec'd out. So are the main hoops and bars. The trick is to use chrome-moly to make it even lighter or stiffer. Most people do not spend the $$ and use mild steel. It has some advantages, as well i.e. does not sheer with sharp edges most of the time.

the forward mounting point is riveted and bonded in.then the tubes are welded into these points.i seam to remember kurt welding his kit onto the stock roll bar.but im not sure on that.
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