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Christian Lallo
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Oily smell blowing in when using AC

Hello All,

I just purchased my first Elise. A pristine Aspen white 2006 with only 7,500 miles on the clock.

The car is gorgeous and runs incredibly well.

The owner was a real fanatic about keeping it clean and unfortunately before I arrived to buy the car, he had the engine bay and working parts of the front clam 'professionally' cleaned. He thought it was a nice gesture.

The last thing I wanted was some guys spraying oil solvents and high pressure water anywhere near the engine bay...but alas....

To my point. The AC runs adequately (i'm sure I'll start doing some of Viper's mods in the near future), but there is a very distinct smell of gas/oil engine-cleany type smell blowing in from the vents when activated. I suspect there is still some cleaning solvent residue still hanging around close to the HVAC intake.

The problem is, I'm not sure where that intake is. I've read through Viper's excellent document and if I understand it correctly, most of the air is being taken in from the cabin all of the time, with outside air being drawn in from behind the front grill when recirc is not enabled.

Is this correct? And, if so, given the above engine / front clam cleaning scenario, are there any other spots where outside air could be getting pulled into the HVAC stream?

Thanks so much for your help!

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