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Originally Posted by agirls View Post
I'm sure if I search I'll get the answer but where are the nose intakes? Do you have to remove the grill to cover it up?
They are behind the mesh grill. You can't AFAIK get to them in the Exige without removing the front clam.

Originally Posted by xxxotic View Post
You have to take off the front center grill and they are all they way in the back. There are two holes that have a mesh covering over them. A few pieces of duct tape will cover them up.

The front grill comes out easily, just undo all the clips on the top and pull it forward while lifting the stakes that are holding on part of the bottom section out of the holes.
These instructions are for the Elise. The Exige mesh grill is bonded to the clam and will not come off this way.
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