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Originally Posted by polojcp View Post
The built quality is really awesome, and the whole installation process is very straight forward, I already had experience installing Stage 2 before, so this is nothing new. Removing the rear panel is much easier task than I originally anticipated.

I have not taken any photo yet, I will do that once the sun is out.

Here is what I have done in addition to the exhaust.

1. Painted the diffuser.
2. Filled the diffuser opening with a plate, and rivet it in place.
3. Paint the panel eliminator black.
4. Took out the entire heatsheild, and I cut just the front part up the the bend. It was a lot easier to cut with the heatshield taken out.
5. I reinstalled the heatshield back, and it is very hard to see with the exhaust in place, and since both are "shiny" it actually look pretty nice.
6. I also left the U-bend heatshield in place for extra protection. It does not look too bad, so I probably will not do with heat wrap.

I am surprised that I went through 2 can of spray paint on the diffuser and the panel eliminator, I painted the front the back on both the diffuser and eliminator. I want to make sure that the reflection of the eliminator shows "black X" on the back as well.

I will take it out later when I go to work, excited to see how it sounds.
Pimp, can't wait to see pics on your car.
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