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I would go with the trailer if you have enough space at home to keep it.

My brother bought a small enclosed trailer and was keeping it next to his garage to store lawnmover equiptment, ATV's and his jetskis in during the winter. He lived on a lagoon and kept the jetskis in the water during the summer, but didnt have enough room in his garage to store everythign during the winter

He bought a bigger house and it was great having the trailer to move a lot of the furniture. He has a bigger garage and it has room to store everything and he was thinking of selling it. The he decided to cut down some dead trees in his yard, but was afraid that it would take forever for the wood to dry out if it rained or snowed. So now he is using it as a storage container for extra firewood during the winter, and using it to transport the jetskis to a nearby lake during the summer, and also letting friends borrow it to move stuff in between.
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