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One year!

In two days I hit my one year anniversary for my 2009 Lotus Elise (Saffron).

I've had a number of small issues but nothing significant. The engine is solid and the car drives well. I've had more fun in one year driving the Lotus than in 25 years driving Toyotas.

Mine is a daily driver. I have both summer and winter tires as well as both soft and hard tops. In the summer I drive my new car about 90% of the time. In the winter I drive my new car about 75% of the time. I use a 1986 Tercel on the other days. I think when my Tercel dies I will use the Lotus 100% for summer and 90% for winter. My backup in winter will be public transit.

Key highlights for the year are:

- 17,000 km (10,600 miles)
- No speeding tickets
- One cop actually leaned into my car just to praise it
- Gas mileage is about 7.2 L / 100 km
- Some nicks in the StarShield but no dents or scratches from other cars
- No flat tires, no rads blowing up etc.

The minor issues were:

1) Turn signal rate trippled - dealer replaced some wiring
2) Window developed a gap - I opened the door panel and tightened a nut
3) One carpet button broke - I ordered a set of aluminum buttons which look really cool
4) Tensioning cable on the softtop came apart - found the mechanism that holds it and put it back together
5) The plastic caps at the top where the seatbelts retract started to come loose - I glued them

I'm a DIY type of guy so these issues were kind of fun to sort out.

So overall, I'm really pleased with my first year.

Off to buy a lamb...
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