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Originally Posted by Allan Gibbs View Post
I'm concerned about:

1) These are only concept cars? Does that mean the design will change (and probably be more watered down to ease production costs)? I thought they were concepts because they didnít have DOT legal mirrors.

2) How far away are we looking at until these cars are available? 2015 for the new Elise!!?? I, like many people, have a very short attention span. Bring the new Elise out in 2014 and I probably wonít give a @#$% then. I was hoping to get one of these cars in 2011 as a 2012 model but Iím not going to wait four years for one. And, Iím not planning on what Iím going to get in 4 years because youíll have a lot of new models/redesigns by then. I hope they donít wait too long because the excitement is going to fade.
I gather that the 2015 Elise signals a 'do-over' relative to any S3 work that may have taken place to date. I think it's pretty clear that the new crew in charge doesn't like much of what was already in place. I think the only car in this line up that represents any completed work would have to be the Esprit. The rest are pretty blue-sky, and out there to gather feedback. I think they realistically can develop 2, maaaaaybe 3 cars in parallel, so they're looking to see what 2 or 3 it will be.
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