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I for one am pretty stoked at the new direction... I actually withdrew my name from the Evora wait list when I started seeing/hearing more and more about it as all it's specs and such were finally unveiled.

Lotus has needed something to legitimately set their brand into the price point they already fall at (high) and this lineup appears to justify it (at least from a looks and specs perspective). Does it look like they're all inspired from Lamborghini? Yes... however, the L cars are looking more and more outlandish, while these seem to borrow the refined qualities of the previous gen, mix in some Lotus and a bit of Ferrari. I think it's the only way they can command their prices. Spec it high, make them look like supercars, and don't mass produce.

Torn between the (new) Elan and Esprit myself - both sound/look sick! Luckily I have a couple years to save for one

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