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I'm just a lowly mech engineer, not electrical so there's some things I don't quite understand here. In your diagram you have a .05 and a .22 ohm resistor in series. Doesn't this equal a single .27 ohm res? Or are these 2 necessary for power dissipation? If power or heat dissipation is not an issue, it looks like this pack could be made up of 2 resistors instead of three.
The orig part you listed (.05 ohm) isn't listed by the distributor. If 2 x .27 ohm res could be used, it circumvents this problem.
Alternatively, they do list a .1 ohm and .15 ohm. These would total .25 ohms and would still be 2 res. to share power and heat. This should give slightly faster speeds 1 & 2. Am I thinking this correctly?
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