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I had the opportunity to drive an Evora for a week. It was one of Autosports Designs' Demo cars. I was so smitten by it that I decided to buy one (eventually).

When I spoke to some Lotus people about it I decided to wait for the S to come out. I definately agree with squidward that the Evora as is is a pretty nice pice of kit. But I decided to wait for the Evora S for the following reasons:

WIth Lotus' new lineup, with the exception of the City Car and ELise, I will probably never be able to afford a Lotus purchased new after the Evora.

Lotus has a history of continuing improvement in build and performance so the later the car (even if not an S) the better it will be - and the article bears this out in general build of the interior and shifter feel.

THe percieved performance value of the S version will be higher since the US price is only $5k more than a similarly eqipped standard version.

THe only thing that scares me about the S is that the performance level of the normal Evora is so good that I regularly drove at speeds likely to get me in trouble. THe extra 70 hp and improved everything may result in some serious hooning.

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