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I was just thinking I need to stock up on batteries and cards for my cameras, especially on the train, since I don't know what my charging capabilities will. I probably need to get some adapters too.

Good idea on fancy jewelry. I'll keep it to fashion jewelry/accessories if I bring any. I don't really know how to pack, but I may need some nicer things for dinners. I understand the weather will actually be pleasant and warm during my trip. I hope so anyway.

Great suggestions on the purse, cards, and passport. I will definitely follow them.

Is American cash pointless unless I have it converted in every different country I enter?

BTW - I have done quite a bit of international travel before, so I do have experience. Asia is a completely new and different adventure for me. I've been to countries like Russia, Finland, S. Africa, Netherlands, Denmark, Costa Rica & West Indies so I can hang a bit out of my element. I'm not a complete amateur.

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