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A/C Stopped Working -- What to check?

My air conditioner stopped working today on my 2005 Elise. I guess this is a good time of year for it to fail. I'm not sure how to proceed from here. I'd like to do as much as I can myself before taking it in for service. The 3 causes I think are most likely are:

1. Out of freon -- This happened to me once before, a few years ago

2. A consequence of resetting check engine light -- I first saw this issue after resetting the check engine light (the gas cap was loose). A few minute later, I noticed the reset trip meter button on the steering wheel wasn't working consistently. Then I checked all the electrical controls, and saw the A/C was not working (last ran A/C several days earlier). Maybe resetting the check engine light triggered some type of electrical or fuse issue that stopped the A/C.

3. Typical Lotus A/C issues -- I realize air conditioner problems are not uncommon for Lotuses. However, mine has never had the typical A/C issues in it's 6 year history. Instead the A/C has always blowed cold, without issue. So I'd be surprised if they are starting now.

Does anyone have ideas about what I could do to confirm the cause or anything else I could do myself before bringing it for service?

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