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F150 with 3.7l V6 300 bHP - 275 ft/lbs

Well ya know I had to start this thread

I'm in the market for a Truck, I've actually pretty much already decided which one I'm getting (unless hear some horror stories), looks like a 2011 FORD F150 with the 3.7l V6 with tow package (6 speed tranny) - tow capacity is 6700 lbs (almost 2X more than I need).

I assuming because of gas prices, FORD are offering some killer deals on their trucks $4000 rebate and about $1500 below sticker ... I can get a new 2011 F150 4X2 SuperCab XLT V6 3.7l for $23,054 (generoulsy equipped) -- there goes my sequential tranny for the Lotus.

Offers expire 4/4/11 so I need to move on this.

Question: anyone have experience with this 300 bHP 275 TQ 3.7L motor from FORD?

Thanks Rob

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