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Getting pretty discouraged with truck purchase ... I guess online prices (with so call VIN number of specific truck) is really just another bait and switch ploy. Get to the dealers and they don't have the truck and they don't have any truck even close to the online price (about $8000-$10000 higher).

The cheapest EcoBoost F150 I could find was $34,000+ ... what happened to the $26,000 ones?

Check out what one dealer told me, "Because of the situation in Japan, FORD is having to scale down rebates by 4/4/11 because they are unable to get parts for the F150" -- this is an exact quote from one dealer. I'm not even going to begin to try and rationalize how they make that statement work. So much for buying "American" trucks ... I guess I sorta knew most of the parts on American cars come from outside of the US anyway ... but how this affects rebates I'm still not sure??

Maybe it's time to see if GM are any different, FORD and/or FORD dealerships seem uninterested in selling me an F150 anywhere close to the price I see online.


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