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Well I gave up on FORD, they just didn't seem to want to sell me a truck.

I went to GMC and found a dealer very willing to work with me and I've got a deposit down on a GMC 1500 Sierra SLE Ext Cab with 5.3L V8 (flex fuel so e85 is an option) and 6 speed tranny with tow package (which includes larger engine radiator, engine air/oil coolers, and tranny air/oil coolers, super sized 3.43 diff that can be locked) 100,000 mile warranty bumper to bumper. Power and TQ are just ok, not great 315/335. The 6 speed tranny is supposed to be pretty good, for the most part the 6 speed variants seem to have good ratings/reviews.

Guess I'll find out, pick the truck up this Thursday night and Monday (4/11) I trailer the Lotus to SoCal for DRS/Kris cage and fire system install. Then more track testing at Infineon on 4/25.

Hope it can handle trailer duty during breakin period ... doooh!


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