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Bought the 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE last night:

5.3L V8 Flex Fuel
6 Speed Transmission
Tow package (includes all the extra engine, trans coolers)
Suspension package (guessing higher spring rates and stiffer shocks)

XM Radio, On Star, Dual zone climate control, electric seats, mirrors, heated mirrors, radio/cd/iPod ... what is all this stuff doing in a GM truck?

Surprised how well it drives for a Truck ... think I have all three extremes of the automotive spectrum now, a Lotus, a Truck, a Prius.

Got about $6200 worth in discounts and rebates, but got raked on tax (9.75% based on your home address not dealership location). My truck came in about $10,000 less than equivalent equipped FORD F150 and with a 100,000mi warranty so not to concerned about reliability.

MPG rated at 15 city / 21 highway, average 17 ... so probably more like 13 real world driving.

Next stop is buying a trailer.

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