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Hey guys. First off I am pretty overwhelmed by all the responses and PMs.

Let me answer some questions here before I get back to all the individuals.

1. Previous owner bought the car new from Ferrari/Lotus in Denver. All service was done there, including an ECU re-flash for rough idle (TSB). Have paper work from Lotus Denver.

2. Previous owner moved from Denver to Burbank CA, where the car was stored in his garage for about a year. I bought it in September 2010 with 2600 miles.

3. I drove it back from Burbank to Illinois, stopping in San Diego, Vegas, and Colorado on my drive home.

4. Car was stored in my garage from October until now as per the pictures.

5. Car's warranty ended in March 2011.

6. I had all issues checked out before warranty was up items resolved were:

* Shifter cable replaced, seemed too sloppy.
* A/C relay replaced under warranty (TSB issued for this)
* Oil Changed
* Tires changed (under 600 miles on them only regular street driving done)
* Front Left shock absorbing replaced under warranty, for leaky seal (From sitting too long)
* Shifter re-enforcement kit installed by TJ at FVMC, previous owner bought it I had it installed
* Car fully inspected, for any issues before warranty was up.

*All questions about that service can go to John at Lotus of FVMC I am on a first name basis with him.

7. Car has never been in any accidents, minor or major and has has no paint work.

8. Car is black, so yes there are some normal swirl marks etc. I took great care to wash properly.

9. Car condition including interior is 9/10 will post pictures of more this week.

10. Car was never driven in the rain or snow.

11. Car has absolutely no mechanical issues or any problems at all.

2007 Exige S | 2000 Insight
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