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Originally Posted by AtlantaLotusLove View Post
Ditto, to this I think the body shop must have removed it when they had removed the front clam a number of years ago; no wonder my 'air' is so hot!

I suppose the entire huge gap left by the foam block's absence under the center spline will somehow need to be blocked and insulated in order for any of the other 'heat soak' remedies to cause any significant improvement in temp reduction...

Michael, do you have any suggestions? I'm mechanically somewhat incompetent and not sure where to go from here. Any ideas out there are greatly appreciated. I do have the insulation ready to go as you suggested for the cowls and duct...
Follow the instructions in "Heat Soak" "1" Improved AC, it does not matter that there is no existing foam block to place it over. Cut a paper patten to get the shape, and then cut a piece of self adhesive insulation, an inch bigger all round. Bend the inch overlap at 90' so that it will stick to the underside of the clam and base to seal the spline all the way around. You can use multiple layers if you wish. This mod is one of the most important to reduce AC temperatures.

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