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Originally Posted by Bavarian Motorist View Post
I've been pondering. Has Lotus announced or stated how much the new Elan and Elise will weigh? I've seen people throwing around 2400-2500 lbs. If we assume that to be true, that is quite comparable to other llightweight sports cars we know and love.

Like the Noble M400 and subsequent Rossion Q1, the Morgan Aero 8 and roadster... and if any high-performance sports car made its way under 2600 lbs, we would be drooling over it.

This is all based on a presumptuous , perhaps a tad arbitrary, weight figure, but if they keep weight around that area, I expect a vehicle that enthusiasts will love.
Danny Bahar has said words to the effect that the cars need not be as light as the current generation of Elise/Exige - just lighter than the competition.
This is GREAT news since Alfa-Romeo is set to launch the new 4C in the next few years and it weighs only about 1900 lbs. So we can count on a lighter Elise based on Bahars' pledge.

In actuality he will surely weasle out of his statement by carefully selecting models he regards as competition for the Elise & you can bet it won't include the 4C.
The Elise seems on track to gain 500+ pounds of pork which can only make the car worse in terms of it's dynamic response. That is a HUGE percentage gain. I could understand 100lbs in the name of better ingress and accomodation for occupants but a 25% increase destroys the cars' biggest asset and most unique feature. It always blows my mind that as technology advances and fuel gets more expensive cars go the wrong way and become heavier.

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