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Originally Posted by JuiceKickMaster View Post
ive seen dealers sell 07's for 37k
as stated before, economy is up.

i've seen 07 gallardo's for 95k but right now they are 120k.. and i cant go to the guy and make him take 95.. **** i sold my brand new 911 in october for 63,750 and now they are going 10k higher, cant go back and get money back. economy changes.. constantly.. we are lucky to have a dollar that stays pretty constant but still the prices of assets like cars changes very often, and very seasonal.. right now is bad time to buy... very bad.

wait till after summer to buy sports cars as people dont wanna have em sit in garage all winter wasting $$$.. and then buy SUV's after winter when people wanna have fun and aren't driving in snow.
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