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Originally Posted by BrokenR1 View Post
Figured out my problem last week. I had tried to test it with the front off, then got tired of waiting and put it back on but left the wheel liners off incase I had to remove the clam again. I finally got tired of trouble shooting and went to put the liners back on that were stacked up when I found that little box on the front right liner. Plugged it in and sure enough condensor and A/C work fine now. I had missed a couple little plugs there. Simple yet annoying. So in total I paid about $100 to fix the problem myself.
Do you happen to remember what the box that you missed under the right wheel well looked like? Or exactly where it was? I'm in the same boat as I got rid of my bad resistor pack and had my AC refilled by a shop. My AC light comes on blue but the compressor does not start.

I haven't tried jumping the fuses as I'm not exactly sure how to so that.

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