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Originally Posted by robains View Post
I use OMP one, you might want to get 3 -- they can get a little ... stinky and wet ... I bring 3 clean ones for Fri/Sat/Sun.
Yeah, I wash my balaclavas in motel bathroom sinks and stick 'em between a towel to dry overnight througout the course of track / race weekends.

I used a hockey gear cleaning service to "launder" my very well used helmet a few years ago. Apart from their deodorant (final step in their laundering process) fragrance being far too strong (I'd have 'em go light on the deodorant / fragrance step were I to do it again), it was the best $15 I've spent on race /safety gear. And even though the deodorant fragrance was too strong at first, the fragrance is still there, lightly so, even after ensuing years of use. Helmet woulda been skanky beyond use well before its rating expired otherwise. I wouldn't even have loaned it to an enemy.

Is there anything skankier than a rental helmet? I think not.

Anyway: \\ Colorado Clean Gear \\

"When cleaned properly using Esporta's Wash systems and our specially formulated enzyme based detergents and disinfectants we eliminated these contaminates at the source. No other method of cleaning compares to our total cleaning solution when it comes to eliminating blood, proteins, mucus, bacteria, fungus and mold from sports equipment."

Well, ok, my helmet wasn't *that* bad, but you get the point.

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