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What a terrific thread. I've just purchased my Elise and spent only a week with it before I had to leave it in Dallas to return to the Middle East where I work....hard to leave it. My brother-in-law is looking after it for me.

The temps in Dallas were about 105 F ambient, and the Elise could not really keep up, so I can't wait to get back to perform Viper's mods. This is quite simply the most useful item I have found on the board thus far. Thanks, Michael!!!!

I do have one request...Viper, is it possible to get a link whereby I can actually print out your instructions? Having a hard copy there while working would be helpful.

The observation is as follows:

I spoke to the Lotus dealer here in Saudi Arabia and in Bahrain, both of which told me that Norwich has designed a Middle East spec car for these (hot) markets (it's about 118 F and 96% humidity here as I write)....I believe it is actually a different evaporator and compressor, and maybe a fan assembly. Anyway, I am going to find the part numbers. If these are in any way of higher capacity, then I would think they might be useful options if anyone wanted to pursue this after doing Viper's modifications, which are much cheaper and frankly, neater as well.

Thanks again, Viper!!!


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